Frequently Asked Questions

When will Black Dog Storage be opening?
-We are currently on track to have some units available by mid-to-late October of 2019

What units will have access to electrical outlets and/or lighting?
-ALL buildings have exterior outlets for occasional use by tenants. Our 15x45 and 20x50 units all have individual outlets along with interior lighting.

Will the parking lot be paved?
-Black Dog is in the process of laying crushed asphalt for a parking lot base this fall. A complete asphalt parking lot will look to be completed early next Spring.

What security measures does Black Dog have in place?
-Black Dog has a state-of-the-art panoramic camera system being installed with views of the entire complex. The cameras work well at night and can read license plates. NO fence/gate will be installed around the facility at this time. Black Dog also provides tenants with anti-theft locks as part of the account set-up process.

What are the garage door sizes in your units?
10x10 - 9' x 7'6"
10x20 - 9' x 7'6"
12x26 - 9' x 7'6"
15x45 - 14' x 12'
20x50 - 16' x 12'
(Width x Height)

Is there a security deposit or set-up fee?
-Black Dog requires a $25 (plus sales tax) "Set-Up & Lock Fee" for new tenants of 10x10/10x20/12x26 units. This covers all administrative costs for new account set-up and a brand new anti-theft padlock that is yours to keep. We believe these are some of the highest quality locks on the market that help our facility stay secure. 15X45 & 20x50 tenants have a different key system on the garage doors, new tenants of those units will be required to pay a $50 security deposit upfront. This deposit will be refunded upon move out if all contractual obligations are met. Please reference your Lease Agreement for further details.

What type of leases do you offer?
-Black Dog offers month-to-month, 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month leasing options. Occasionally, longer leases qualify for higher pricing discounts. Contact a Black Dog representative for current pricing structure or check on upcoming promotions.

What are accepted methods of payment?
-Black Dog highly recommends paying by Credit Card or setting up ACH (Auto-Pay). Any other means of payment must be agreed upon in writing by a Black Dog representative.